What’s a Mobile Keyword and a Short Code?

Definition of a mobile keyword

A mobile keyword is defined as single word, number, or phrase that once sent by text to a “short code”, becomes an avenue for products, businesses, or services that are available. The use of mobile keywords are to allow mobile users the ability to send the keyword through text in order to receive a benefit, promo, information, or a slew of other enticing offers.The recent breakthroughs at MobiDoesIt®, regarding keywords and “short codes”, is the chance to “list build”. When a mobile user sends the keyword to the “short code” MobiDoesIt® sends the promotion to the user as promised, but also captures information about customers to use later as a way to build repeat customers or serve existing ones. For instance, a customer sends the keyword “sneakers” to a short code, such as 96362; moments after sending the textthey receive information about the shoes they are interested in.

Simply put, anyone can establish a keyword that when texted to a particular short code, provides a benefit to the consumer. At the same time, the business is building a list of contact information and the ability to contact these customers again at very low cost, when compared to traditional mail. Regarding keywords, please note that only keywords that have not been attached to the specific “smart code” before,can be used. However, if you buy a different “short code”, there is a blank slate for what can be used as a keyword. Keywords work regardless of being in capital or lowercase, so no need to worry about how you case the keyword.

Definition of a short code

Unlike normal telephone numbers that contain 10 digits, “short codes” are unique since they contain between 4-6 digits that cannot be called, accessible through text only. Whena mobile user texts a “short code” they will instantly receive info on whatever service/product/promotion is attached to the keyword sent along with the “short code”. They are commonly used as marketing strategies. However, as MobiDoesIt® keeps refining and discovering new uses for mobile marketing there now contests, competitions, and polls or voting that is also highly valuable for the consumer and participating business.

Short Code 96362

Use of mobile keyword marketing

Since the development of mobile keyword marketing, other ways of “traditional marketing” have seemingly been wiped out. Today, email advertisements are only getting a 1% click rate, or 1 person in a 100. However, over 90% of texts are opened and over 80% are opened within an hour. This type of marketing is undeniably worthy of consideration by every company, on every continent, in all fields of business. Successful mobile marketing depends solely on the end user since people have the power to subscribe and unsubscribe as they please. However, as we see in email users, people rarely take the time to unsubscribe, meaning there is a good chance that the customer may never unsubscribe and simply ignore the ones that don’t interest them, leaving businesses opportunities to stay in contact with their customers. Building customers is by far one of the hardest and most costly part of a functioning business. With a list of your customers, you have a list that may as well be Gold.
Since the adoption of “mobile keyword marketing”, many are dropping their older more “traditional” forms,such as direct mail, cold calling, etc. and are now opting into new statistically and fiscally proven methods of marketing.It’s all in the research and the numbers, and businesses all over the world are adopting this technology with phenomenal rates of growth within their customer base, and inevitably it has a direct effect on their revenue. Don’t forget, every second spent not list building is allowing your direct competition to build a list with your clients on it, let Mobi do it.


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