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Join the tens of thousands of business, services, and organizations that have enjoyed unprecedented campaign results that no other marketing channel can parallel.You see mobile keyword technology all over TV and hear it on the radio everyday. You see it advertised in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, and all over billboards. People text your custom mobile keyword to 96362 to join your mobile distribution list. Then an automated response is texted back to them with your customized welcome offer. Later, you can send them important text alerts, news, and promotions, resulting in huge and immediate response rates that you can’t experience with email marketing alone.

Mobile Keywords are used for a variety of applications and industries including:

Email marketing and online advertising can be effective from time to time, but there’s nothing like the response rates and returns you get from mobile keywordcampaigns. It’s not uncommon to see a MobiDoesIt user increase their campaign ROI by ten-fold simply by migrating from other traditional marketing channels.Twitter is great for personal use, but MobiDoesIt’s feature-set and user-interface is designed specifically with businesses in mind. To see how MobiDoesIt is better than Twitter if you’re a business, service, or organization, click on the following link Twitter for business

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Text any of our demo mobile keywords (SNEAKER, CHURCH, SCHOOL, or HOME1) to 96362. Please note that the keywords are not case-sensitive. After texting the keyword you’ll receive an automated response right back!

Mobile Keyword Marketing

Unlike traditional email subscriptions, mobile keyword subscriptions are controlled by the end users. People can subscribe and unsubscribe on an opt-in basis. This level of control and the new emerging mobile culture have brought keyword marketing to impact levels far exceeding direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels, resulting in as much as 90% + read rate and 25%+ response rate.

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