Mobile Text Reminder

So what are mobile text reminders?

Mobile text reminders are a great, easy and above all inexpensive way for you, your customers and clients to make sure you and they never miss an appointment or date ever again!

How do Mobile Text Reminders work?

In a couple of words: Very Simply!

Whether you’re out and about or in the office, as long as you have your phone with you (…and who doesn’t these days?), you can be sure you or your customers will never miss anything important ever again.

All you need do is sign up to our low cost system, and log-in to our secure and reliable servers from any ‘net connection –static or mobile, from anywhere in the world and you’ll see your pages.

Also, because our system is entirely web-based, there’s no fiddly software to install on all your machines, no contact books to update, no addresses to keep synchronized –its all held centrally on our secure servers.

Imagine if your main office machine was to suddenly die, and it had your diary on it?

What would you do?  Search frantically for paper based back-ups?  Try to remember everything?  The scenario is too horrible to imagine, isn’t it?

With our system, this is not a problem!

Simply find another machine with a ‘net connection, and you’re away!

With mobile text reminders, you’re never out of touch.

When you log in to our site, you can see and set reminders either for yourself or work colleagues, or you can see reminders you’ve set with your customers –either for an appointment or to gently remind them that your invoice is due.

And because our system is entirely Internet based with SMS messages and not auto-dialer, you’ll never have to fear upsetting or annoying your valuable customers with those truly dreadful automated messages that everyone seems to hate.  Mobile test reminders are an unobtrusive (…You have your message ringer set to vibrate, yes?..) and polite, and because they’re a text message, unless the recipient actually deletes your message, it will stay on the phone, reminding you or he what heeds to be done.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our system of Mobile Text Reminders don’t just stop at work!

You can remind yourself of doctors or dentists appointments, or even that you should be getting along to that all-important school play you promised your daughter you’d attend.

With our system, you set up a series of templates for the most common texts you need to send, and you’ll have an address book with those all-important names and numbers at hand, so when you’re setting a reminder, you simply grab the template you need, add the details, add a recipient, click, and you’re away!

No hastily scribbled notes to yourself on the backs of napkins, no frantic searching for your diary, no guilty feelings of; “Have I forgotten something?  Should I be somewhere else right now?”

It’s all there in your hands!

Find out how Mobile Text Reminders can revolutionize your office and your work life today!

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