Mobile Voting / Polls

Constant changes in technology prompt many people to venture towardsnew or alternative methods, the methods needed to achieve business success. At MobiDoesIt®,we have the ability to allow mobile users to vote by phone, on basically anything,sent via SMS, this is a powerful business tool.Key polls include topics such show ratings, restaurant ratings, product ratings, or rating any number of customer experiences where the business needs feedback. What would you rather do? Fill out a paper survey, or simply text a number (1-10) with an adjective describing the experience? The latter is far simpler and far more likely to be completed by customers. The key element found in the MobiDoesIt® SMS Polling is that it opens the door for great new consumer experiences.Therefore,consumers and businesses alike, are both flocking to gain benefits from the MobiDoesIt® polling feature.
A feature that comes with a service offered by MobiDoesIt®, is the categorization and tracking of each vote, ensuring easy post-analysis of the data. An additional feature that MobiDoesIt® provides is a messaging system allowing businesses to create questions,with maximum of 10 answers, that could lead to inexpensive data-mining, or simply fun facts to understand about the business. The voting system is quite easy,and people simply text the “Mobile Keyword” of a particular giveaway/promotion to the number 96362. Next, a customized text message with all the required choices,are then sent out and users respond with their choice via SMS.


After the voting occurs, the numbers of the voters are then databased,in a statistical method relatingto the host business’ goal; whether the goal be money making, targeting new markets, or simply drawing in more customers. Databasing is crucial to ensure contact lists are kept safe and available,as most businesses will return to re-target their repeat customers with additional promotions. To ensure fair competition,the MobiDoesIt® team builds restrictive measures within the mobile system, ensuring only one vote per user.Any business, that is struggling with an issue that could be solved or resolved by polling consumers, should contact MobiDoesIt® for consultation. We will provide answers based on what we believe you should do with mobile marketing in your company given internal workings and target customers. Mobile marketing is by far, one of the cheapest, fastest, efficient, and most reliable ways of gathering market information today. By acting as an “early adopter” competitive advantage is achieved over competition, and the longer it takes the competition to follow, the larger the margin of advantage your company has. As an example of this idea, currently there are many coal based power plants investing in solar energy, and as they continue over the years, the total investment into their solar projects will be far too much for traditional plants to have even the slightest chance of mimicking their competition. In a world where information doubles at a rate of less than six months, the only way for businesses to survive is to proactively seek Information Technology and learn how to use it properly.

How it works

To : 96362
From : 96362
boxWhat color do you like most? Reply with just #.
1) Red 2) Green 3) Blue 4) Yellow 5) Black
To : 96362
From : 96362
boxThanks for voting! We will be texting everyone this Friday with the results.
Text the Mobile Keyword that’s tied to the vote to 96362. Immediately receive the question and choices to vote on. Reply back with just the number of the choice you want to vote for. Receive a thank you message that you can customize and change at anytime.
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