Picture / Video Messaging (MMS)


“… MMS takes SMS to a whole new level!”

Okay, before we get down to it, lets just get a few things straight and sort out just what ‘SMS’ and ‘MMS’ stand for!


SMS stands for Short Message Service.  To you and I, this is the industry short-hand for text messaging or instant messaging we are nowadays so familiar with.

-Particularly is we’re under the age of 18 and have friends who have mobile phones too!

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service which is a whole league above and beyond simple text messaging.

With SMS, you are limited to 160 characters, and they can only be alphanumeric.  Any more than 160 characters and you are charged for more than one SMS.  They can’t even be in color!

MMS allows you to send much, much more information that the simple ‘txt spk’ of texting. …Sorry, that’s ‘text speak’ to anyone over the age of 18!

MMS allows you to send not only text, but video and sound!

With the in-built convenience of SMS –like the short, gentle ‘purr’ you get when a message arrives, it combines with 21st century technology to give you a message with so much more content and feeling.  And because your customer has to actively delete it, it has staying power.  Long after the message has been sent, they can re-watch your visual and audio masterpiece!  If your potential customer is in a meeting, or otherwise engaged, they will look at your message when they’re free.  Its human nature to be inquisitive!

Research shows that MMS, when used as a sales tool is many times more powerful and compelling than many other forms of marketing.  When combined with mobile keywords and short codes, the MMS really becomes the ‘super-charged’ vehicle of modern marketing.  It allows your company brand to truly stand out from the crowd of other advertisers each clamouring for your customer’s attention.

You can customize each individual MMS to target your customer specifically, rather than just ‘Dear Valued Customer’, yet at the same time, you can reach a mass market, meaning you can send out literally thousands of messages, yet each one is specifically targeted to the recipient.

Anyone watching the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Minority Report’ can’t have failed to notice the advertising in the film directly targets the lead character.  With MMS, you are one step closer to this dream!  Rich texts, sounds and visuals directed to your individual customers, through compelling multimedia productions.

And MMS is greener too!

Rather than reams and reams of expensive full-colour printing that is immediately destined for the bin –before it’s even been read, and the associated land-fill and environmental costs, an MMS has no environmental impact!

Can you afford to let your rivals beat you to the next generation of direct marketing?

Catch the bandwagon now!

This is the ultimate early 21st Century advertising medium.  Get into MMS NOW!

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